First in Market: new software product ‘Green Pocketbook’ enables green-aware research

ViridisChem’s Green Pocketbook offers a Quick Reference Guide for researchers with full chemical and toxicological properties of over 60 million chemicals.
May 21, 2015

2017: First In Market New Software Product Green Pocketbook That Enables Green Aware Research

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 21, 2015 — ViridisChem, Inc. an innovative software company announced the debut of their new product “Green Pocketbook” that offers a “Quick Reference Guide” for researchers with full chemical and toxicological properties of over 60 million chemicals provided through an easy to use graphical interface.

Researchers can get all the chemical information needed to do their daily work within one screen; plus without any extra efforts on their part, they also get toxicological implications and government regulatory concerns about the chemicals.

Green Pocketbook enables scientists to do “green aware” research while providing the convenience of having all the information in one place. For added convenience, Green Pocketbook also offers individual toxicological endpoint scores, and combined ecological, health and safety scores so the chemists can understand how harmful or toxic selected chemicals are without having to understand the detailed toxicological properties. It can be used by researchers from all industries.

“Everyone is talking about the need to adopt environmentally friendly product development processes. But without the easy availability of relevant data and the tools that can help you guide through difficult to understand toxicological implications, scientists are left with the heavy burden of the tedious and time-consuming task of evaluating their current processes and identifying areas of improvement. And this is where we can help.” said the founder and CEO of ViridisChem.

Here is what some of the customers are saying:

“We have been discussing how ‘Green Awareness’ can be introduced within our R&D and QA departments. Seeing how easily this tool can be used, I think it will be an excellent source of useful information for our scientists”

– Sr. Scientist, EHS Department at a big pharma in South San Francisco, CA

“This will be an excellent educational tool for our students to help them understand the relationship between chemical’s physical properties and toxicological properties, and how factors like biodegradability and bioaccumulation affect the population”

-Associate Professor from college in Minneapolis, MN

“I can see this being a useful reference tool for toxicologists as well, especially if you add configuration capability that lets them choose the estimation methodology and target species.”

-Consulting toxicologist from Santa, Clara, CA

Founded in 2014 by a serial entrepreneur and veteran from both biotech and high-tech industries, ViridisChem was built with a mission to provide software solutions that will help scientists define environmentally friendly product development processes that are greener, safer, and more economical.  Ideal for pharmaceutical, biochemical, agrochemical and petrochemical companies it helps them move towards environmentally friendly processes, be compliant with government standards and reduce pollution.

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