Product Development

ViridisChem’sTM Chemical Analyzer offers chemical toxicity awareness during early product development, and provides less toxic alternatives of reactants, reagents, and solvents that satisfy your reaction needs.

How: Through its “Advanced Search,” the Chemical Analyzer allows you to describe your reaction needs in terms of required functional groups, whether you need oxidizing or reducing agent, or if you must avoid certain acute or chronic health issues. Results include the list of chemicals that match the search criteria along with their toxicity scores.

Compare up to 5 chemicals side-by-side and see the toxicity of those chemicals through overlaid semi-transparent areas within a spider graph. Toggle the graph view to see detailed per-end-point toxicity analysis among chemicals.

End Result: R&D scientists can define better processes from the get-go, avoiding costly late-stage changes, achieving a shorter go-to-market timeline.

"The toxicity scores are helpful for comparison. A lot of times I'll present this data internally and it's nice to have that already done for me. I can just put the structures in. And I get that output."

- Sr. R&D Scientist from major chemical company