Novel Molecule Research

ViridisChem’sTM Chemical Analyzer offers early insights about potential health and environmental risks about novel molecules by running industry-standard prediction models, combined with deep-learning capabilities.

How: For a given structure, the tool offers computationally derived properties and identifies potential environmental and health-related risks, ALL IN REAL-TIME and through a very secure platform.

End Result: Understand the potential risks associated with the molecule even before you spend time and effort in expensive R&D. Identify possible less toxic analogs to consider. Effectively eliminate high-risk drug-targets during target identification.

Solution is available both as a web application; or programmatically as an API module.

"Tools like ViridisChem'sTM Chemical Analyzer can play a critical role in early product hazard screens and help guide early selection of the best new chemical candidates to advance for further development."
Pam Spencer, VP Regulatory, Product Stewardship & Quality, ANGUS Chemical Co.