The ViridischemTM platform

Quick Decision-making

with comprehensive information on chemicals

An intelligent software platform for chemistry research

ViridisChemTM collects chemical and toxicological data from public, academic, and private sources.  The platform can also perform real-time predictions of chemical properties using industry-standard prediction models, as well as ViridisChem'sTM own enhanced algorithms.


ViridisChem'sTM Platform

Empowers you

to quickly find comprehensive information on chemicals. Experimental and estimated properties data from all available sources toxicity implications of the chemical are shown visually for quick decision-making.


Note: When certain chemical properties data, that is collected using clinical means, is not available, ViridisChem's Chemical Analyzer uses third-party prediction models and its own proprietary algorithms to build chemical profiles, which contain physical and toxicological properties as well as environmental, health and safety toxicity analysis.

ViridisChemTM cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of such data. The tool should be used to identify potential toxicity related issues, and where needed, the analysis should be validated using clinical means.

ViridisChemTM chemical analyzer

Powerful, web-based software

using ViridisChem’sTM comprehensive experimental data repository and toxicity database along with real-time toxicity prediction capabilities to offer comprehensive toxicity profiles of the compounds that are important to you and your business. The software shows chemical’s toxicity implications in a simple visual format to help non-toxicologists (chemists and engineers) make environment-friendly decisions.