Lab Safety - EHS

Equipped with full physical, functional and toxicological properties of over 93 million chemicals, information extracted from over 135 global regulatory lists, and its ability to computationally derive the missing properties values, ViridisChem’sTM Chemical Analyzer can prepare the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for chemicals (including proprietary chemicals). It includes the core sections of the SDS, regulatory information, as well as the GHS pictogram and classification where applicable.

End Result: This is a critical tool for Lab Safety/EHS departments. By feeding chemical lab-inventory to Chemical Analyzer, identify and isolate health and safety hazards within the lab to ensure lab safety and avoid and mitigate lab emergencies.

"Knowing where all the fire hazards, lacromates, and pyrophoric chemicals are in the lab, and being able to isolate them, are crucial for lab safety."

- Niteen A. Vaidya, PhD, CTO, Chirosolve