ViridisChem's Chemical Analyzer

Chemical Analyzer is a powerful web-based software offered through yearly subscription. Utilizing ViridisChem’s comprehensive experimental data repository and toxicity database, and employing real-time toxicity predictions, it offers full chemical and toxicological information of every chemical, and visually shows chemical’s toxicity implications (environmental, health and safety scores) to help non-toxicologists (chemists and engineers) make environment-friendly decisions.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time toxicity predictions for new drug targets, proprietary chemicals
  • Comprehensive endpoint coverage based on ANSI standard
  • Visual depiction of ecological, health and safety scores, allowing quick comparison among chemicals
  • Multi-criteria advanced search to select less toxic raw material choosing specific functional groups, property values, health-risks
Benefits For R&D
  • Identify high-risk drug targets, find less toxic derivatives
  • Select less toxic raw material, eliminate toxic waste
  • Government compliances, avoid late-stage changes
Benefits For Health-safety, Product Stewardship
  • Tool to help develop/validate SDS
  • Better lab management and preparation for emergencies
  • Essential chemical information (GHS classification, UN-Codes) available digitally
Benefits for Academics
  • See the correlation between properties and toxicity scores
  • Explore how structure changes affect toxicity scores
  • Identify less toxic chemical based on specific reaction’s needs