What if there was a tool that allowed eager future scientists to:
  • Explore different chemical structures, 
  • Visually see how changing the functional group or bond strength can affect the toxicity of the chemical,
  • Learn about the environmental and health-related risks of every chemical, and
  • Find less toxic options? 
How: ViridisChem'sTM Chemical Analyzer offers these benefits and more. When you draw any structure, it computationally provides its physical, toxicological properties and environmental, health and safety scores. For most of the existing known chemicals, it utilizes information from its toxicity database with 93 million chemicals, and 48 properties per chemical, to provide full profiles of the chemicals and any global regulatory concerns. 
End Result: Students will gain insights about chemicals, typically gained by experienced scientists over many years, and be better prepared for real-world jobs. 

“Universities like Yale, UC Berkeley, University of Massachusetts, and the University of Washington have been developing tools to teach green chemistry, and the Chemical Analyzer would be a terrific supplement. The tool allows students to learn green chemistry in an intuitive way, showing the correlation between a chemical’s structure and toxicity. Students can easily identify greener, less toxic alternatives.”

Neelam Vaidya, CEO, ViridisChemTM