ViridisChem Inc Announces Key Member of Advisory Board, Dr. David Constable

Dr Constable has authored or co-authored more than 28 journal publications and book chapters in the areas of green chemistry, life cycle inventory assessment, environmental fate and effects, among others.
July 23, 2015

ViridisChem Inc Announces The Key Member Of Advisory Board Dr David Constable

SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 23, 2015 – PRLog

— ViridisChem, Inc. a software company located in San Jose, CA is a dynamic new company built with a mission to provide software solutions to help scientists within pharmaceutical, agrochemical, petrochemical, and consumer industries define environmentally friendly product development processes that are greener, safer, and more economical. The company has already developed a first-in-market rich chemical database with full chemical and hard to find toxicological profiles of over 60 million chemicals, as well as a reaction database with over 10 million reference reactions with pre-analyzed green scores. This will be the foundation on which a number of products targeted for specific customer needs will be built.

Dr David Constable is the Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. From the end of September 2011 until January 2013 David worked as the owner and principal at Sustainability Foresights, LLC, a consultancy assisting companies with Sustainability, Sustainable and Green Chemistry, Energy, Environment, Health and Safety programs. His previous potions included VP of Environment, Safety & Health at Lockheed Martin and Director of Operational Sustainability at GlaxoSmithKline. In the GSK role, he championed Environment, Health and Safety support for New Product Development and Supply. He also led GlaxoSmithKline’s development of programs, systems, tools, and methodologies that integrated sustainability, life cycle inventory assessment, green chemistry, and green technology activities into existing business processes.

Dr Constable has authored or co-authored more than 28 journal publications and book chapters in the areas of green chemistry, life cycle inventory assessment, solvent selection, environmental fate and effects, and environment, safety and health programs.  Dr Constable co-edited a book on green chemistry metrics that was published by Blackwell Publishing in October 2008, and he has co-authored a textbook on green chemistry and engineering that was published in March 2011.

“It is a great honor to be able to work with Dr David constable. His extensive industry experience in pursuing green chemistry adoption within product development, and his rapport with the industry experts qualifies him uniquely to guide us to pinpoint the scientist’s needs and help us develop very targeted and easy to use products. With his help, we hope to bring a portfolio of software products that will allow scientists to define sustainable processes that take advantage of greener alternatives, and address improvements through every step of the process”

said ViridisChem CEO Neelam Vaidya.

“It’s a great pleasure to be working with ViridisChem and their development of tools that assists chemists in the evaluation and selection of chemistries that will have fewer sustainability impacts associated with them.  Access to tools providing a rapid, automated assessment of EHS impacts are essential if we want chemists to develop new chemical manufacturing processes that are more sustainable than existing processes”

said Dr Constable.

ViridisChem recently released its first product Green Pocketbook that offers 54 physical and toxicological properties of over 60 million chemicals, identifies regulatory concerns, and allows easy comparison among chemicals based on ecological, health and safety scores. So using this product, scientists get all the information they need to do chemistry and are aware of the environmental impact of their decisions without going through extra efforts.

Companies can also take full advantage of ViridisChem solutions by the inclusion of company proprietary data into decision-making where scientists see an integrated view of the company’s and ViridisChem’s data. To enable this, ViridisChem data integration services ensure strict data privacy and security within the company’s firewall.

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We have the world’s most comprehensive toxicity database with over 90 million chemicals, and utilizing this data, our software tools provide toxicity analysis of chemicals, mixtures and formulations, and product development processes.