ViridisChem, Inc. announces strategic partnership with Infocom Corporation, Japan

ViridisChem announces a strategic partnership with Infocom, a highly regarded software distributor in Tokyo, that caters to research communities in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors with B2B software solutions.
May 6, 2020

ViridisChemTM, Inc. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Infocom Corporation, a highly regarded software distributor based in Tokyo, Japan that caters to research communities within the medical and pharmaceutical sectors with B2B software solutions since 1983.

“We are thrilled to partner with Infocom Corporation to help us reach out to R&D scientists in Japan to offer solutions that provide in-depth toxicity information of every chemical, including new drug targets, their analogs and metabolites. As a prominent leader in bringing to market many ground-breaking innovative ideas and products, Japan is a critical market for us. We were hoping to partner with a company that can offer localized technical and customer support to this very important customer base. We are truly fortunate to find the perfect partner in Infocom Corporation so that we can offer these services”, said ViridisChem, Inc. CEO, Neelam Vaidya.

Infocom’s solutions for toxicity and safety research are well-known and widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical industry and academia. According to Mr. Yoichiro Hamazaki, General Manager, Healthcare Service Business Department of Infocom Corporation…

“The distribution of ViridisChem’s services will allow us to expand our solution and market furthermore based on our experience and knowledge. ViridisChem’s corporate philosophy has resonated with us deeply and we will contribute to the promotion of Green Chemistry society”

About ViridisChem, Inc.

ViridisChem is a software company offering essential toxicity data and tools so that companies from pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical, cosmetics, textile and Paints industries can move towards sustainable product development. Since its inception in 2014, ViridisChem has built the world’s largest toxicity database covering over 90 million chemicals, 2.5 billion properties, and 135 global regulatory lists. Utilizing this data, ViridisChem has implemented real-time execution of Industry-standard QSAR and advance machine learning models to provide comprehensive toxicity profiles of every known and proprietary chemical, as well as new drug targets, their analogs and metabolites.

Utilizing these technologies, the company is offering its web-based tool “Chemical Analyzer” through yearly subscription. “Chemical analyzer” provides comprehensive physical and toxicological data, regulatory compliance information and ecological, health and safety related toxicity evaluation. This information is critical for R&D departments to screen-out high-risk toxic drug-targets, find less toxic analogs or metabolites, and avoid toxic raw material, saving $$million in early-stage R&D efforts, waste disposal and re-engineering costs. By providing over 50 chemical and toxicological properties, global regulatory concerns and full GHS classification, it is a great tool to build or validate Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Here is a quick introduction to Chemical Analyzer. Due to its unique offering that can help reduce worldwide toxic waste, ViridisChem has received recognition by several world organizations, including United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) as one of the most innovative company. The company also received the “LAUNCH Chemistry Innovation Challenge 2016” award that was co-sponsored by the international organization like LAUNCH.ORG, Est e Lauder, NIKE, IKEA, EBAY, TARGET, American Chemical Society, and many more.

About Infocom, Corporation

Infocom Corporation provides B2B solutions (medical, corporate, and public systems; packaged software) and B2C online services (e-comics and other digital entertainment). Since 1983, the Infocom Group has contributed to innovations in society through advancements in ICT, providing solutions and services to customers through information and communications. The company is making advancements into an expanded range of care fields under its Health IT business, leveraging innovative ideas into new businesses. At the same time, it is creating new businesses based on AI, IoT, and other advanced technologies.

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ViridisChem is a software company offering essential toxicity data and tools for companies to move towards sustainable product development.

We have the world’s most comprehensive toxicity database with over 90 million chemicals, and utilizing this data, our software tools provide toxicity analysis of chemicals, mixtures and formulations, and product development processes.