ViridisChem expands market reach with key distribution partnership in South Korea

ViridisChem announces a strategic partnership with BITEK Chems, Inc., a premier distributor in Korea that serves pharmaceutical and chemical companies, as well as government and educational institutes.
May 6, 2020

-San Jose, CA

ViridisChem is very excited to announce a strategic partnership with BITEK Chems, Inc., a premier distributor in Korea that has been serving pharmaceutical and chemical companies, as well as government and educational institutes for over 30 years. BITEK Chems will market and sell yearly subscriptions to ViridisChem’s “Chemical Analyzer” and will provide localized technical support to its customers.

Since 2015 the Korea Environment Corporation started to operate the system for managing and providing information on screened chemicals. Many companies and institutes are working hard on green chemistry technology development. According to Dr. Bert Seo, Chief Executive Officer of BTEK Chems…

“we got many requests from our customers showing that there is a need for a database of toxicity and “Safety Data Sheets (SDS)” information, so we tried to find out the database to satisfy customers’ needs. Fortunately, we were introduced to ViridisChem during American Chemical Society’s national conference in 2019 and we believe that through this partnership, we will be able to meet the needs of our customers”.

ViridisChem has always been committed to understanding customer’s technical needs and prides itself in building and supporting solutions that address customer’s critical needs. “This partnership made perfect sense,” says Neelam Vaidya, Chief Executive Officer of ViridisChem.

“It offers a unique opportunity for ViridisChem to take advantage of BITEK Chem’s in-depth understanding of its market and reach out to the international audience to address their unique needs”.

About ViridisChem, Inc. ViridisChem offers a powerful AI-driven cloud software platform that provides REAL-TIME toxicity evaluation of every chemical covering small, large molecules, proteins, polymers, and even new drug targets and proprietary chemicals. Supported by its in-house toxicity database with over 90 million chemicals and 2.5 billion properties, comprehensive experimental data repository, a global regulatory database covering over 135 US and international regulatory lists, and real-time access to most industry-standard prediction models providing information on 60 different endpoints, its product Chemical Analyzer visually shows chemical’s toxicity implications (environmental, health and safety) to help critical R&D decision-making.

By providing over 50 chemical and toxicological properties, global regulatory concerns and full GHS classification, it is a great tool to build or validate Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS), select less toxic raw material, and identify high-risk drug targets and their less toxic analogs or metabolites.

Here is a quick introduction to Chemical Analyzer

Due to its unique offering that can help reduce worldwide toxic waste, ViridisChem has received recognition by several world organizations, including the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) as one of the most innovative company. The company also received the “LAUNCH Chemistry Innovation Challenge 2016” award that was co-sponsored by the international organization like
LAUNCH.ORG, Est e Lauder, NIKE, IKEA, EBAY, TARGET, American Chemical Society, and many more.

About BITEK Chems, Inc.

BITEK CHEMS, Inc. is an authorized distributor in Korea of global leading suppliers including PerkinElmer, Lhasa Limited, Optibrium, Gaussian, etc. It is the first company which has sold molecular modelling products in the field of drug discovery R&D and supported customers technically from 1991 in Korea. Most pharmaceuticals, materials, chemicals, governmental institutes, and universities in Korea are BITEK CHEMS’ long-term customers. All members of BITEK CHEMS have a chemistry and biology background, especially theoretical chemistry and organic chemistry background, and we focus on technical support and user training as well as product sales itself.

ViridisChem is a software company offering essential toxicity data and tools for companies to move towards sustainable product development.

We have the world’s most comprehensive toxicity database with over 90 million chemicals, and utilizing this data, our software tools provide toxicity analysis of chemicals, mixtures and formulations, and product development processes.