Relevance of toxicity information throughout sustainable product development

Importance of toxicity information for sustainable product development
September 27, 2022

This presentation shows how companies from different sectors are benefiting from the toxicity-focused R&D, and how ViridisChem has overcome the lack of high-quality toxicity data issues through constant auto-curation of the data, and by supplementing the experimental data with on-demand generation of in-silico data using the industry-standard prediction models. Here is the full presentation.

Full Presentation

ViridisChem’s web-based product Chemical analyzer offers comprehensive chemical properties and toxicity scores covering over 95 million chemicals as well as novel molecules and proprietary chemicals. Watch the quick demonstration of our product Chemical Analyzer and our platform. Contact us if you would like to evaluate it with FREE trial.

ViridisChem is a software company offering essential toxicity data and tools for companies to move towards sustainable product development.

We have the world’s most comprehensive toxicity database with over 90 million chemicals, and utilizing this data, our software tools provide toxicity analysis of chemicals, mixtures and formulations, and product development processes.