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Company Mission

World pollution is one of the urgent issues that must be addressed immediately. The root cause of this problem is the toxicity introduced by man-made products and toxic waste generated during manufacturing into air, water and soil. Toxicity awareness of raw materials, by-products, and the waste being generated throughout product development will ensure “Greener” processes with minimum toxicity footprint.

ViridisChem is committed to provide software solutions that address this problem by providing relevant data and automation tools that will show toxicity in easy-to-understamd visual manner.

Problems Companies Are Facing

Although companies worldwide have realized the tremendous social and economic advantages in avoiding toxic raw materials and minimizing the waste generation; there are many roadblocks in adopting toxicity-aware research:

  • So far, only toxicologists have training to evaluate toxicity data, who only focus on end-product. Chemists/engineers do not have training to understand toxicity data
  • Toxicity data on starting material is extremely sparse, is verbose and not quantitative
  • Although United Nation, EPA and EU-REACH have defined guidelines on how to measure toxicity, there are no standards defined, and no automated tools to translate complex data into toxicity measures

Viridischem’s Unique Solutions

ViridisChem allows companies to practice toxicity-focused research without impacting their product development timeline, or having to train their chemists on toxicity by:

  • Providing toxicity information in easy to understand visual format and providing “green” scores that allow easy comparison among chemicals
  • Providing a common data source to scientists and toxicologists, encouraging early dialog among them, thereby avoiding late-stage critical risks related to product’s toxicity
  • Allowing pharma researchers to understand the toxicity implications of potential drug-targets very early on
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