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Roadblocks and critical needs

Availability and Easy Access to Relevant Data

Currently scientists have to refer to many sources and use estimation tools to access needed data. Data received also must be curated and reformatted in order to make use of it for decision-making

Subject Matter Expertise

Understanding raw toxicological data and relating it to identify chemical’s toxicological footprint requires in-depth expertise of toxicologists. Applying this information then to identify areas of improvement in process under study requires expertise of senior chemist.

Time Consuming Complex Analysis

Complex multi-step reactions typically use many chemicals (sometimes over 100) . In order to accurately estimate carbon footprint and waste profiles, full chemical profiles of all the raw material are needed. running complex calculations involving this level of data is very tedious, time-consuming and error-prone. Unavailability of tools that can offer automation is an immediate market pain.

Reliability of Reference Data

Critical lack of toxicological data and reliability of this data is a major issue facing the industry. Even when you can get the data, major data curation work is required before it can be useful.

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