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Products and Services

ViridisChem offers software solutions that help scientists define environmentally friendly product development processes that are greener, safer, and economical. Our goal is to offer a suite of products that provide the most relevant information and analysis within a matter of few clicks without extra efforts from the scientists, so the scientists can make environmentally friendly choices without spending extra time and efforts.

Our Products

  • Full chemical profiles of over 60 million chemicals at your fingertips
  • Visual charts for quick comparison among chemicals
  • Endpoint scores weighted for job-specific needs
  • Identifies US and international regulatory concerns
  • Data available any-time, any-where, on any device
  • Drill-down analysis of multi-step processes
  • Comparison among alternate routes for smarter decisions
  • Scale-up projections, green alternatives
  • Cost saving projections using KPIs.
  • Convert proprietary customer data to ViridisChem format
  • Data never leaves customer security firewalls, enables audit-trail
  • Truely experience the power of ViridisChem products with internal rich data

Since there are no standards defined on how to evaluate endpoint scores and how to average the individual score values to get higher level scores, companies may have preference on how the scores are calculated.  To accommodate these preferences, ViridisChem offers customization services that:

  • Implement company-specific scoring mechanism for its licensed users
  • Accommodate additional endpoints for finer grain scoring
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Introduction to Green Pocketbook

What people Say

“It is no longer a question about if industry will adopt green chemistry practices, but when”   

– Dr. David Constable, Director of ACS Green Chemistry Institute

”The radical growth of green chemistry is showing we can have good chemistry with the Earth by emulating nature’s green chemistry and do good business at the same time.”

- John Warner, President, Chief Technology Officer, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (Visit Warner Babcock Site)

"We need a fundamental shift in thinking about environmental issues and health issues. It’s not about putting a technological bandage on a problem, it’s about what we can create, build, and innovate." (Click here for full story)

- Prof. Paul Anastas, Yale University, Center for Green Chemistry & Engineering

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