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Product Customization Services

United Nation GHS standards, REACH in Europe and EPA, OSHA and other government agencies in US have provided comprehensive guidelines on how to measure toxicity and environmental and health impacts. But still today there are no standards defined on how to calculate endpoint scores and the green scores that take into account the individual endpoint impacts. Therefore companies have defined their own measurement strategies over the years.

To accommodate company-private endpoint measurement strategies, ViridisChem offers customization services where the score calculation modules within the Green Pocketbook are customized to accommodate the new algorithms. Please contact us for more details. 


  • Convert customer_proprietary data to ViridisChem format
  • Data never leaves customer security firewalls, enables audit-trail
  • Efficient and experienced staff, confidentiality guaranteed



  • ViridisChem solutions offer cohesive view of the internal and external data, so scientists can make educated decisions
  • Truely experience the power of ViridisChem products with internal rich data
  • Fully utilize the company proprietary data to shorten the development processes, without compromising data security
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