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Our Value Add

Common reference data for consistent “green aware” decisions

Being able to access common datasets among different departments allows cohesive decision-making and initiates collaborative dialog that can lead to more stable and optimized method development during product planning and development. Inclusion of company-internal (proprietary) data offers enriched experience to the scientists.

Early awareness of regulatory issues, toxicological implications

Green Pocketbook provides full chemical and toxicological information about chemicals and identifies regulatory issues. This encourages “green aware” research practice among scientists without demanding extra efforts and training from them. It also avoids iterative method development efforts among med-chem and process-chem departments.

Early dialog and collaboration among chemists and toxicologists

ViridisChem’s Green Pocketbook shows full toxicological implication of chemicals in easy to understand visual chart format, so the chemists can understand it without having to understand individual toxicological properties.  This early awareness enables collaboration among scientists across departments.

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