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Green Pocketbook R&D

Green Pocketbook For Research Departments

Comprehensive Chemical/Toxicological Information

More than 40 chemical and toxicological properties, GHS and NFPA scores are shown in a simple table with tabbed views. Green Pocketbook also identifies all the US and international regulatory concerns about the chemical, and offers comparison of up to 5 chemicals side-by-side.

Visual Depiction Of Toxicity Implications

We calculate the toxicity scores (ecological, health and safety) and depict them in easy-to-understand visual graphs so that scientists can understand the toxicity implications without even having to see the numeric values.
The scores are made up of 35 different end-points based on United Nation’s, EPA and EU-REACH Guidelines. You can compare up to 5 chemicals side-by-side, and the overlaying graphic area quickly shows how toxic each chemical is compared to the other… bigger the area, more toxic the chemical is.

Focused Search For Greener Alternatives

Identify the chemicals with specific chemical or toxicological thresholds, find better chemicals within a functional group, category (polar solvents, halogenated reagents, alcohols, etc.), with specific structural characteristic, or or GHS classification. Search for sub-group of chemicals used by specific industry (polymers, pesticides, resins, etc.), or to avoid certain health or safety hazards (carcinogenic, neurotoxin, skin-irritant, etc.)

Early Toxicity Estimation Of New/Postulated Molecule

During early product design, evaluate the toxicity of new molecules, or postulate how a structural modification may affect the chemical toxicity, and be fore-warned about the potential problems before spending time and efforts studying the molecule.

Quick Access to Related Citations and Patents

You can get the list of citations and patents that reference the selected chemical. You can then further narrow your search by adding additional search criterias like author, published date, sources, and MeSH vocabulary.

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