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Green Pocketbook EH&S

Green Pocketbook For EH&S/SHE

More comprehensive than SDS/MSDS

Covering over 90 million chemicals with 40 different chemical and toxicological properties, plus GHS and NFPA scores shown in a simple table with tabbed views, this tool can be a quick substitute for SDS/MSDS sheets. Since it is a web tool available through cloud platform, it is practically available anywhere, on any web-enabled device.

Avoid Accidents, Establish Chemical Handling Policies

Visual depiction of toxicity scores, along with the GHS pictogram offer early warning to scientists and warrants precautionary measures both while handling the chemical and while disposing it. For employee with specific sensitivity issues, the product can also offer extra layer of protection.

Quick Reference Guide for Shipping Precautions and Restrictions

By offering easy access to comprehensive US and international regulatory lists under which the chemical is listed, it allows companies to appreciate shipping restrictions, make smarter purchasing decisions, and even help in developing shipping literature.

Identify And Locate Safety/Health Hazards

By integrating it with department’s LIMs system, or chemical inventory, system, it can identify where all the fire/health hazards are in your lab, thereby allowing S.H.E. departments to implement better safety measures for the employees, and prevent or minimize accident risks

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