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Green Pocketbook For Education

Green Pocketbook For Education

How Do You Measure Chemical Toxicity?

Understand how United Nation’s guidelines, and recommendations by US-EPA and EU-REACH on how to measure toxicity of chemicals translate into quantitative measures of 35 different end-points that together make up the green scores. Learn how water-solubility, biodegradability of a chemical dictate its toxicity in air-water, and soil. And most importantly earn how they affect our health.

Learn how small structural changes affect the toxicity of chemicals

Green Pocketbook offers real-time estimation of toxicity of a chemical based on its structure through the use of QSAR models. By drawing a structure, and then modifying it, and comparing the toxicity of the original and changed structure, you can appreciate how the structural changes affect toxicity measurements.

Early Adoption Of Toxicity Focused Research Practices

By using Green Pocketbook as a chemical reference guide, students are always aware of the chemical’s toxicity, and learn how to make toxicity aware decisions without additional training.

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