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Green Analyzer

Green analyzer is a web-based software that offers in-depth analysis of proposed or existing multi-step processes at any scale. It accepts process description in various formats (XML, RDX, PDF, etc.) and automatically parses it to provide detailed per-step toxicity, cost and waste scores. It identifies which steps within the process can be improved and offers greener alternatives; postulates how replacing problematic chemicals with greener alternatives can improve the green scores; and allows scientists to compare alternate process routes.


  • Complex metrics calculations on multi-step processes
  • Drill-down analysis of whole process and its individual steps
  • Comparison among alternate routes
  • Scale-up projections on waste, energy, cost-savings
  • Offers pre-calibrated green scores of reference processes
  • Identifies and suggests greener processes


  • Scientists selection of development routes based on better decision points
  • Accurate scale-up projections, cost analysis
  • Toxicologists, med-chem, process-chem scientists use same data-set as reference, allows early information exchange, discussions
  • Early drill-down analysis allows
  • Collaboration among Med-chem & process-chem scientists
  • Early focus on toxicological implications
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