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Data Integration Services

Our extensive data integration and customization services

Chemical Data Integration

Although Viridischem chemical database is rich with full chemical and toxicological information of over 60 million known chemicals, we appreciate that each company has its own database of proprietary internal APIs and building blocks that would be useful for future research and process development work. 

Therefore we offer a very unique chemical data integration service, where we process your proprietary chemical data into format understood by our Green Pocketbook and estimate toxicological properties of this data using our unique tools. We also try to estimate the physical properties of these chemicals where the experimental data is missing. AND ALL THIS IS DONE WITHIN YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE WITHOUT YOUR DATA EVER LEAVING YOUR FIREWALL. Data security will be maintained throughout the execution of Green Pocketbook and you can receive data-access logs for additional security.


  1. Integrated view of all chemicals (proprietary and reference) within one tool
  2. Quick comparison among both reference and proprietary chemicals for better selection
  3. Full utilization of internal technologies (aka proprietary chemicals) during research that will avoid unnecessary repeated outsourcing efforts
  4. Ability to define most optimum routes with shortest number of steps

Reaction Data Integration

Through this service, you will be able to access your in-house experimental data along with ViridisChem’s estimated data where there are data gaps. As an added bonus, you will also get the endpoint scores and be able to compare chemicals for better decisions.  

For process development:

In order to define truly optimized product development method, corporate scientists must take into account information from public sources as well as from the corporate proprietary data repository. Unfortunately due to proprietary nature of the data, most tools the scientists use today can not factor-in this data and the scientists are left to do the last steps of optimization manually.

We offer the “data Integration” service that transforms the proprietary data into format acceptable by our tools, while making sure the data does not leave the corporate firewall. In fact while do so, we also offer strong auditing capability that provides the footprint of the data access.


  1. Convert company_proprietary data to ViridisChem format
  2. Data never leaves company security firewalls, enables audit-trail
  3. Efficient and experienced staff, confidentiality guaranteed


  1. Take advantage of comprehensive data offered by ViridisChem to fill out the data gaps  without compromising on access to in-house experimental data
  2. Truely experience the power of ViridisChem products with internal rich data
  3. Fully utilize the company proprietary data to shorten the development processes without worrying about data security
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