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LAUNCH Chemistry Innovation

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Change, especially on a global scale, is brought about by the collaboration of the brightest minds sharing a single vision. There global issues we face today in our world are multi-dimensional, and therefore too overwhelming for a single person, or organization, to handle on their own. However, our world […]

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New U.S. legislation incentivizes green chemistry collaboration

By Annie Mitchell   Sustainable, or “green,” chemistry sounds like it could slow climate change and protect our natural environment. The term is vague though—what sort of science actually qualifies as sustainable? Thanks to a recent law, the federal government is required to answer this question in the next two years. The new law, enacted […]

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News about PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ and the Importance of Identifying Toxicity Implications

BY: Neelam Vaidya, CEO, ViridisChem, Inc. PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are man-made chemicals used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products because of their resistance to grease, oil, water, and heat. Although low level exposure to PFAS is not well known, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes that exposure to high […]

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